Saturday, 4 February 2012

WordPress Bootstrap

WordPress Bootstrap
Bootstrap is Twitter's toolkit for kickstarting CSS for sites, apps, and much more. It includes base CSS styles for typography, forms, buttons, tables, grids, navigation, alerts, and more.

Bootstrap is created to support men and women of all skill level—designer or developer, large nerd or early rookie. Use it as a comprehensive kit or use to start something much more complex.

Initially developed with only present day browsers in mind, Bootstrap has evolved to include support for all significant browsers (even IE7!) and, with Bootstrap 2, tablets and smartphones, too.

With Bootstrap 2, we've gone totally responsive. Our components are scaled according to a array of resolutions and gadgets to give a constant expertise, no matter what.

Grid methods aren't every thing, but possessing a tough and versatile one at the core of your perform can make development a lot simpler. Use our constructed-in grid classes or roll your personal.

Exactly where vanilla CSS falters, Much less excels. Variables, nesting, operations, and mixins in Much less helps make coding CSS more rapidly and more effective with minimal overhead.WordPress Bootstrap

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