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alfa awus036h

alfa awus036h
In wireless, we have ideas of frequency. Various wireless networks functions on different frequencies. E.g. we have GSM and CDMA engineering which is utilized in mobile communication. They use specified assortment of frequency. Similarly there are other technologies. The frequencies utilised by these technologies are not cost-free. If a firm wants to use those frequencies, they have to spend license costs. The charge is very high and once a organization purchases a specified spectrum, other people can not use it. It becomes illegal if someone else tries to use it. There is restriction on creating hardware which will operate on these frequencies. The hardware is extremely pricey also. These sorts of restrictions make the Wireless network really secure. But there is twist here.

There is a particular variety of frequency which is free. The government has decided to free of charge up specific array of frequency for common use. No person have to pay license fee on it. This variety is 2.4 GHz and 5GHz variety. The wireless network run on this assortment is referred to as as Wi-Fi or WLAN. Considering that the frequency variety is totally free, every person is jumping on this. There are N numbers of devices working on these two ranges. The two.4GHz range has become overcrowded. But this is not the only difficulty with Wi-Fi networks.
Because the frequency array is totally free, lot of investigation is carried out on this. Tons of businesses are generating hardware functioning on this band. These hardwares have some capabilities which can be employed for good as effectively as terrible purposes. I came across 1 of this kind of device and that is the major inspiration towards creating this post. This device is Alfa AWUS036H manufactured by Alfa Network. I was attending my wireless safety class last year when I saw it first time in my instructor’s hand. He was really excited immediately after possessing the gadget. At that time I hardly had any clue what the gadget can do.
Now let’s come to Wi-Fi hacking. What are the items necessary to hack a Wi-Fi network?
1) A Laptop with Linux
two) Aircrack-NG suite of equipment and
These are minimum demands to hack a Wi-Fi network. You will ask than wherever the Alfa AWUS036H comes in image? Nearly each laptop these days has a wireless adapter. The problems with these adapters are their restricted abilities. Some don’t help creation of keep track of mode and packet injection. You can’t increase the electrical power degree to these inbuilt card also. Do not fear if you do not understand what monitor mode, packet injection and electrical power levels are. There is no need to have to comprehend individuals concepts. This is not a wireless hacking tutorial. I am just proving right here how it is to hack a Wi-Fi network. People 3 features I described above are necessity for wireless hacking.
Alfa AWUS036H has all the 3 features. It is not like no other card has these functions. There are cards which support monitor mode and packet injection. But they utilised to be expensive and hardly any of those cards survive if the power is elevated. They get fried up. This Alfa card can take care of 1000 mw of electrical power. This tends to make it extremely strong. Apart from this, cost is also a element. It is really inexpensive. I won’t mention the expense otherwise it will seem like an advertisement for the solution. If someone interested, can examine he charges for Alfa AWUS036H here.

This card comes with an USB adapter. Just connect it to the laptop, copy couple of command from net and develop havoc on the nearby Wi-Fi network. These commands are quite very easily readily available on web. Just search for WEP hacking or WPA/WPA2 hacking and you will get millions of end result and out of them thousands are really working attacks. A lot of individuals will say I am making it seem very simple. Yes it is very easy. Just copy paste five-six lines and press enter following each and every line. This a lot is required. I do not want to write individuals lines here. But it is really that easy. The explanation behind this is the encryption tactics used are WEP, WPA and WPA2 are vulnerable to different attacks. WEP is full broken and WPA/WPA2 is vulnerable to dictionary and brute force attacks. So what are the remedies?
I won’t give the technical specifics but these measures will make your Wi-Fi network quite secure:
1) Adjust the default admin password of your wireless router/modem/entry point. In safety, default is always terrible.
2) Pick a tough to guess SSID. Certainly not your girlfriend’s title.
three) Disable the SSID broadcasting. (This is worthless against a determined hacker but functions nicely against script kiddies.)
4) Enable MAC filtering.
5) Verify the Encryption techniques readily available. Always use WPA/WPA2. If your wireless router/modem/entry point doesn’t have help for WPA/WPA2, check for firmware upgrade. If it is not accessible nonetheless, throw the device and get a new one particular with WPA/WPA2 support. No compromise to safety at any price.
6) Choose a really powerful password. I can’t emphasize sufficient how a lot essential this is. I usually use password which is more than twenty characters. E.g. I want to go to California following 3 days (without spaces). This looks a basic line but it is far much better than the suggestion we get from security experts. What password they recommend is extremely tough to remember. What I have recommended is extremely effortless to keep in mind and can make daily life hard for a hacker.You can check the site for additional facts on Alfa AWUS036H .

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