Monday, 13 February 2012

Mold sickness

Types Mold Sicknes
When we are exposed to mold we get what is called mold sickness. The mold sickness typically have life threatening consequences like brain damage, lung injury, cancer and even death. The various research that has been done about mold fine particulates coupled with the associated medical documentation prove with out any question that the mold sickness and other connected sicknesses linked with prove that mold fine particulates are very real.

When the mold spores are ingested or inhaled you can really become sick. The longer you go untreated or undiagnosed the mold will keep on growing inside your body and develop the poisonous substances named the mycotoxins. These toxic substances normally leach into our bodies day after day. If left untreated, the colonies of the mold grow greater releasing and generating greater amounts of toxins into your body.

The different species of mold usually develop different toxic substances that make people suffer from a wide vary of different symptoms. Because of the disparities in the various symptoms of the mold exposure most physicians usually assume their patients are suffering from mental problems.mold sickness 

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