Monday, 27 February 2012

Tea Kettle

Tea Kettle
Hunting for a tea kettle seems a simple task, but it becomes fairly daunting when you are faced with the many options which are now available. Although there are only two basic types, specifically the stovetop and electric kettle, you will find several variations within each of these kinds. Your choice will depend on numerous factors, which are discussed right here.

Electronic or Stovetop

An electric tea kettle is known to be much more efficient, and can boil water much quicker than a stovetop model. It'll also free up your cooktop burner, and the process is much cleaner and efficient. In electric, you likewise have a choice of cordless devices, which have the heating component in their base, and there's no botheration with rather long cords. Certain cordless models have a detachable base, so that you'll be able to use the kettle on the stove as well.

Stovetop designs on the other hand tend to be cheaper, and you can find them in a wide variety of styles, colors, sizes, and materials. Some of the shapes resemble animals like a cow, duck, toad, or even chicken. Materials can include copper, glass, metal, and stainless steel. The metal models will usually have an enamel finish so that the kettle doesn't impart a metallic taste to your water. Copper is chosen for its energy efficiency and an fashionable look, while stainless steel kettles will likely be incredibly durable and will not pass on any taste to the water.

Water temperature Control

A tea kettle is essentially used to make tea, and if you enjoy different types of tea, it actually is better to go for the electric model that offers temperature control. Some specific tealeaves having a delicate taste, and green teas should not be infused by using boiling water, as it will definitely kill the taste. With a temperature control knob, it is possible to set the right temperature for your preferred teas.

Whistling Sound

The characteristic attribute of a kettle is the whistling sound it emanates when the water is prepared. Many people prefer this alert; having said that, there are some that happen to be jarred by this high-pitched screech. In the event you fall in this category, you could opt for units that make a soothing audio of a harmonica or some song. You can also get units where the whistling mechanism happens to be detachable.


If you are thinking straightforward maintenance, then go for a tea kettle made of either stainless steel or even having an enamel finish. These are much less difficult to clean, compared to cast iron as well as a copper kettles. As for the spout, you'll need to keep a cleaning brush handy for any sort of kettle.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, your choice of tea kettle will vary depending on your price range, how particular you are about the taste of your tea, and performance. Sophisticated electric models are much costlier than stovetop varieties, but they will certainly provide much better heating functionality, and are much easier to manage. For getting the perfect tea taste, you will need to select either a chrome steel or glass design that has a control for controlling the temperature.

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