Friday, 9 March 2012


I'm a board member of a regional nonprofit and we are about to start our annual marketing campaign. Like other nonprofits in our group, we are dealing with a quite aggressive funding setting. There are a lot more companies seeking far more money from much more innovative donors.

It's adequate to make you run for go over.

The truth is that fundraising is not effortless, but it isn't unattainable. There are some problems to keep away from if you want to be more productive.

1. Overestimating what your donors know about you

A recent ad in "The Chronicle of Philanthropy" produced this stage quite well. There is a picture of a couple with their checkbook. The text on the image reads: "They don't know why to opt for your business in excess of another, how you deal with your finances, if your letter is truthful." The text ends with the query, "And you want them to donate money?"

Elevate recognition of your mission. Permit persons know that you are fantastic stewards of your finances. Allow folks know your benefits. Then, inquire them for funds.

2. No financial commitment in donor exploration

When I was rising up, my father utilised to say, "Occasionally you have to devote cash to make money."

His suggestions applies to fundraising. Spend time and resources in donor investigation.

The very first place to begin is with your donor information. Appearance for the donors who have presented the biggest items. Then appear for the donors who have offered the most significant amount of items. Then, search for the donors who have presented recently. Make a listing of all those donors. They are the donors most probable to give again.

Continue to construct on that romance. Discover much more about these donors. Gather info to uncover out what they consider of your firm, why they give, what they want from their philanthropy. You can use surveys, interviews, focus groups or inserts in mailings.

There are two gains to this tactic. 1st, you will comprehend your recent donors much better. Second, you will have credible data that can assist you come across new donors or bring lapsed donors back into the fold.

3. The incorrect fundraising approach

From time to time companies consider to carry out tips that other organizations have used effectively.

Before you do, you want to remedy some essential concerns:

What were the specific situations that made that idea function for that business?

Do all those circumstances exist for your group?

Do we have the ability to put into action that method?

What are the true costs?

What can we realistically count on to receive?

A greater technique is to understand what approaches have been successful for you. Build on individuals strategies. Construct on what you know about your capacity, your fundraising historical past, and your donors.

Stay away from these blunders and you will create better relationships with your donors, increase a lot more income and create more sustainable economic assist.

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